Cobra Commander (2011)

Cobra Commander (2011)Throughout his history, Cobra Commander has been a man unafraid to bring a little style into the world conquering game. From his debut in 1982, he was outfitted in a nicely tailored uniform, complete with a snappy, single-breasted waistcoat, cleanly lined epaulets, matching lapel and belt insignia, and spats (yes, spats!) Oh yeah, and if one belt wasn’t good enough, he was wearing two. The man had to be the most put-together of all the 80s pop culture villains. Do you think Skeletor had any piped trousers hanging in his closet at Snake Mountain? Did Megatron wear a Cybertronian ascot? I don’t even want to mention Mumm-Ra–I’ve seen hobos who could outdress thatĀ  rancidly ragged muttonhead mummy. Nope, Cobra Commander is a special breed of madman.

And so the attention to appearance continued even into the Pursuit of Cobra line. This time, the decorative elements extend to accessories, and the Commander pulled out all the stops. Not only is he wearing a full cape again, but he’s also got a flashy ceremonial sword, and trifecta of serpentine symbols, featuring a sword, scepter and staff and dagger. Where did he find these things? Was he watching the two goofballs who sell swords and knives by the truckload on the Shop at Home Network late one night? Regardless, he’s looking fancy schmancy yet again.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention his pants. They say that to appreciate the good, one must also look at the other end of the spectrum. So many times during these Nice Pants entries, we’ve seen the loud, the kitschy, and the downright ugly. Along those lines, I figured it was time for a little perspective, and what better way to provide it than to present an action figure who’s dressed in some truly nice pants. Very sensible and classy. You go, Commander.

Cobra Commander (2011)Cobra Commander (2011)Cobra Commander (2011)


  • Thanks, that covers it.

  • There are not enough action figures wearing spats!

    When it comes to fashion, Cobra commander seems to order all his uniforms through some sort of 1930’s European dictator catalouge. Clearly the catalouge still has some left over items.

    There was a custom made megeatron [Alternator Sideswipe repaint]] a few years ago, customised to look like he had a fedora. I dont really want to go into further details about him.

  • The pants shown here actually look tame compared to the rest of the outfit. It appears that CC is sporting arctic gear, but it’ll be a cold day in Hell when he is caught wearing white! Also, his face plate looks like Gung-Ho or Roadblock punched it into his nose and blood is coming out of it. Very weird. Hasbro did splurge on the accessories, though. CC is loaded with all sorts of cool swag here!

    As for those two dudes in the video, they really should have auditioned for the Jackass movie series.

  • I never realized this figure was wearing slacks. With wingtips, no less! Maybe his arctic outfit was designed for laying siege to a golf club in Aspen?

  • I really like this CC.

    • Come on, iPad, let me finish!!
      This CC has a cool uniform. Someone suggested on another board that with a helmet swap this could be Myles Mayhem. I agree! Myles could give CC a run for his money in the style department.

  • ‘The Cobra Commander with as much crap packed into the package to hope it sells figure’….Thats how I’ve seen this figure.

    As for the ‘spats’? The original figures trousers had foot loops that went around the soles of the shoes he wore, you can see so in the old Sunbow cartoons, its basically following Hasbro’s design…so no spats Rob, just shoes with loops around them…

    This figures one I never wanted, nor probably ever will, unless someone gave me it gratis…

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