Cobra Commander (2011 Renegades)

Here’s another figure that’s been sitting in my queue for entirely too long. I’ve promised myself that I would clear out all these figures in the on-deck circle before the year is out.

It’s not that I don’t like this version of the Commander, but I just haven’t been able to think of much to say about it. The figure appears, to me at least, to portray more of the Renegades animated style than the others in the 30th anniversary series. His sculpting seems to be less realistic and based more on the hard lines of the cartoon model.

Cobra Commander came with an alternate head, which I prefer to the half mask look. This variation of the classic battle helmet visor has been done in the comics as well, and I find myself liking it quite a bit. The sleekness of it lends a certain creepiness to the character that the older helmeted and masked versions didn’t have.

This figure is to me, outside of the Renegades storyline, the Cobra Commander as super villain, as threatening an individual as the more iconic comic villains, like Dr. Doom.


  • All Hasbro needed to do was give him a fedora and he could have easily become “old snake”

  • I bought this figure for it’s awesome custom potential. I agree.It’s an interesting take on ‘ol C.C.

  • With a head swap you could pass him off as red skull

  • Il like this alternate head, really I.D.W. comics style!

  • I got this on clearance a while ago, and I haven’t regretted it. It’s probably the only 30th Anniversary figure I ever managed to get my hands on–I passed on the lot of them because of the outrageous prices.

  • Steven B. Williams

    I got this figure as a Christmas gift in 2011. Even with the old-school head, I had so little interest in this figure that I ended up removing him from my shelf to make room for more Joes (then later mailed him with some other undesirable Joe figures to a fellow Joe fan who wanted them).

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