Cobra B.A.T. (2013 Kre-O)

Everything I said yesterday I’d like to echo with this figure, only in cute, blockier text.

I’m continually amazed how Hasbro has taken nearly every vintage figure they’ve attempted within the Kre-O line and made it work as homage as well as its own unique bricky offshoot of GI Joe. It’s the cutest gosh-darn killer robot ever made.

My only beef: the single pack Kre-O GI Joe figures are too hard to find. I’d like to amass a squad of these little guys, but it was like pulling teeth to get a set of the latest assortment. Thanks to internet Joe pals, I’ve got all but one. I don’t usually do this, but if anyone has a line on a Mutt and Junkyard, drop me a message.



  • Hey Rob, I picked up an extra Mutt today. Hit me up on twitter if you want him.

  • Aw, it IS a cute widdle killer robot, isn’t it?

  • I think it was back in the October 2001 issue of toyfare, there was a wishlist of properties the writers wanted lego to make [superheroes, star trek, more star wars] but Lego said they could never do GI JOE as it was too close to a war theme and that was something they wanted to avaoid.

  • Times change, Skymate. And so do corporate executives, apparently.

    Volkswagen feels the same about the classic Bug design and won’t let Hasbro or Takara use it for Transformers. Something about a company stance on war toys. I guess the fact that the Bug was Hitler’s idea in the first place weights too much on their conscience nowadays. Not so much in the 80’s though.

  • @Clutch
    From what i remeber of the toyfare issues at the time [ive got them lying around somewhere] was that the magazine was two or three months ahead [probably due to release dates] The first Toyfare magazine i picked up was from September 2001. Featured in it was a 12′ doll of a New York Policeman [who bore a striking resemblance to Leatherneck] and the compony that made him also put out a “mad bomber” terrorist [possible for the Policeman to fight] but that issue i mentioned earlier i think had a caption about the mad bomber being cancelled. You can probably understand why.

    And dont forget, Gobots had a VW Beatle aswell [in both red and yellow too].
    I also heard somewhere that the Alternator Jazz toy which was released in 2004 was originally meant to be 911 but Porsche didnt want a product of theirs being assosiated with conflict so Jazz became a Mazda

  • It’s telling that you can’t even find GI Joe Kre-o’s at retail.

  • Skymate, you may be thinking of 21st Century Toys:

  • @Jester
    Thats him alright. Goodgreif its a good thing he got cancelled. He was probably the last thing all those worried citizens wanted to see a week after 9/11

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