Captivating Cover – Operation: Tiger Strike

Tiger StrikeNinjas and tigers in the jungle–how much cooler could a book cover get? Not much, unless maybe Snake Eyes was riding a shark.

And how’s this for artistic license? Check out both Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. Both appear quite different from their toy, packaging, cartoon and comic book iterations of the time. Snake Eyes’ lack of bandolier reminds me of the Rise of Cobra costume. No lips this time, though. Some serious liberties have also been taken with Snake Eyes’ iconic knight-like 1985 visor. This time, it’s a wrap-around number that looks positively new-wave. Very strange. But hey, at least the toy’s wrist-mounted arrow launcher thingie gets some front and center attention in some form of media. It’s almost as prominent here as his…scimitar?

Storm Shadow looks every bit the Golan-Globus ninja, and he’s apparently left his arm wraps at home.


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