Captivating Cover: Marvel Comics GI Joe Issue 53


What could be a better 80s comics nostalgia blast than a GI Joe comic cover released as part of Marvel’s 25th Anniversary back in 1986? The special portrait covers still stand as some of my favorite Marvel covers, and even the Joe comic got in on the act. Judging by the illustration style, I think it’s done by Mike Zeck, famous not only for his GI Joe covers, but Punisher and Captain America as well. Framing the Snake Eyes bust is the Marvel family of characters circa 1986. What a cool blast from comics’ past. It was such a simpler time…


  • Good thing Transformers also got similar representation with its Menasor cover around that same time.

  • This is one of the few Joe Comics I was able to read as a kid. I wasn’t really in to comics until around 1990….. Started collecting Joe comics at issue 100.

  • The good thing about the Joe comics was that there werent numerous shoe-horned referances to Marvels other titles. Unlike the Marvel U.S Transformers comics.

  • I never knew what the deal was with all the Marvel heroes framing this cover! Great story, too, with the attack on the Pit.

  • I like his fave weapon is the Uzi like the Punisher!

  • I have a collection of almost all the Marvel 25th covers, except X-Factor # 10.Most of them were easy to get including this Joe one. The absolute hardest to find were some of the Stat comics versions, including Muppet Babies, Ewoks (both super rare),Peter Porker Spectacular Spider-Man and Masters of the Universe. Boris the Bear #7 features a funny parody of this very cover! Other titles I have from the 80’s include G.I. Rambot (early Tom Lyle artwork,# 2 was never published),and Eternity Comic’s G.I. Mutants…

  • This was also one of the only Joe comics I had as a kid. Must have read it a dozen times! Not a bad one to have.

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