Captivating Cover: Infestation #1

I couldn’t be a proper geek without commemorating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek today. 50 years–wow. It seems like just yesterday I was playing Interplay’s 25th anniversary PC game on the family’s Packard Bell 386SX. Anyway, how can you pay homage to Trek and stay (tangentially) on-topic with GI Joe? Easy–just add zombies.

In 2011, you couldn’t swing a reanimated split dog without hitting a zombie crossover in your favorite media brand. IDW comics published a series of crossovers involving a zombie outbreak that crossed universes to its various media tie in titles like Transformers, Ghostbusters, GI Joe and–you guessed it–Star Trek. Will this be the last time we see Spock and Snake Eyes on a comic cover again? Who knows, but it sure is an odd pairing. Then again, they may get along quite well. Snakes might just have to keep an eye on Spock and Scarlett when it’s Pon Farr time.



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