Captivating Cover: GI Joe vs. Six Million Dollar Man #1

It’s not another April Fool’s Day prank, but a real incentive variant cover for the IDW/Dynamite crossover you didn’t know you needed. Now, in all honesty I would have preferred a mid-70s Adventure Team or Super Joe for this concept, but ARAH is the most well-known, so I understand the choice. But man, could you imagine Steve Austin going up against Super Joe, Eagle Eye Joe and Bullet Man? It’s a good thing it didn’t happen, because my face would have melted off like Toht and Dietrich. Then again, maybe it will happen before the series ends.

There’s not much new official Joe stuff to cover these days, so product like this is nice to see. Personally I’m worn out on mash-ups, but anything 6MDM will make me smile. It’s even better when hot pink Kenner packaging gets a reference. Fun stuff, and right up my goofball alley.


  • Very strange combination of O-ring and ME styles.

  • What Snake Eyes Said (...)


    At the end of the second issue the joes pull Mike Power the Atomic Man out of retirement to take on a mind controlled 6MDM! Hopefully issue three will be awesome.

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