Captivating Cover: GI Joe Digest #1

Just a few days ago I covered issue 7 of the GI Joe digest series. I waxed nostalgic about picking up old stories I had missed in the 80s, and I doubted finding something other than Archie in this format nowadays was a wish. Well, it turns out that Marvel is going back to supermarkets with a Spider-Man digest, which goes on sale next week (it’s in comic shops now). That’s heartening news, and hopefully it will serve to get kids exposed to comics just as we were. 

The iconic cover of the first issue of the Marvel GI Joe series is of course reused here. Thinking back on the size formats that were around during the 70s and 80s (both the small digest and the oversize treasury), GI Joe was one of the few comics whose first issue appeared in both. 


  • G.I.Joe books of all kind can be treasures for all, wherever you can find them,especially if the’re from Marvel.”

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    The first time I read the main story from G.I. Joe #1, it was in Year Book #1.

  • Can’t beat this cover!

  • I have this for reprints. I bought all of the Tales of G.I. Joe. And, I bought the original issues as they came out as well as every back issue my comic shop got in stock. I was the sucker that they targeted with all these reprints and I fell for it every time. I even enjoyed the reprints of U.S. stories in the Action Force comics.

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