BTR-Ticles: Armadillo Assault

by Twitziller

The Armadillo Assault was part of the first series of Built to Rule sets released in 2003. Though similar in name to the 1985 Armadillo mini tank, the Armadillo Assault, in terms of design and function, is much more closely aligned with the H.A.V.O.C of 1986, and continues the tradition of large armored vehicles that launch small air vehicles. Notable vehicles from this category include the Avalanche of 1990 and the R.H.I.N.O. released in the Direct To Consumer line of 2005 and again in the Rise of Cobra line of 2009 . The primary mode is a Heavy Armored Vehicle, with a cab and weapons mounts at the front, and a pair of clamshell doors at the rear that open to launch a small air vehicle.

The included figure is the Joe team’s first sergeant and field commander, Duke. Featuring O-ring construction, the BTR version of Duke is based loosely on the 1983 mail-order exclusive Duke figure. The same BTR Duke figure, with a color scheme more reflective of the 1983 version, was later released with the 2005 BTR Freedom Defense Outpost.

The Armadillo Assault’s secondary mode is a pair of attack vehicles. The first unit appears to be a platform for launching a small aircraft or perhaps a massive, single-piece hovering vehicle.

The second unit is a fast-looking ground attack vehicle, somewhat reminiscent of a dune buggy, with back-to-back seating for two.

Weapons for the Armadillo Assault include two of the standard BTR missile launchers in black with silver missiles and two BTR miniguns in silver with silver mounts. The large number of structural parts permits construction of defensive buildings like this armored command bunker.

With plenty of wheels and large parts, the set can also be constructed to approximate the 1990 General.

An armored truck can be made using the clamshell cargo doors as armored cab pieces.

By switching the clamshell doors to the rear and adding the front canopy pieces, another armored truck is possible…

…with a nasty surprise in the back.

As is true of many BTR sets, a water vehicle can be built from the set. While the Armadillo Assault includes many parts used in other sets, notable parts for the set include the two-piece silver “Destructo Brick”, the olive green fender pieces and open canopy part, and the white seat back.


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