Blowtorch (2011)

Among the many cool things the Pursuit of Cobra line accomplished, it improved on a few figures released as part of the 25th anniversary assortments. Blowtorch really isn’t all that new, but he incorporates some small details that make the figure stand out from its previous version.

When this figure was announced, I thought it would just be a re-hash of the 25th anniversary figure, which was itself a disappointment to me. Blowtorch was one of my favorite 80s figures, and I loved the playability it had thanks to the accessories. The modern version just didn’t stand up to it. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened this figure however. It has some great new extra elements that really add to the figure’s displayability. The mold is the same as the 2009 figure, but mine at least seems to have a better fit and finish in a couple areas. The mask and chestplate in particular seem to fit more snugly.  Other items, like the flamethrower that now stores on the backpack, are still great features.

Of course, the colors aren’t the straight homage to the 1984 figure, but they do improve the look of the figure in relation to other modern era Joes. The green mask and other highlights are small changes, but really help to break up the yellow and red. Speaking of green, I really was hoping to see the pre-production influenced green version of this figure. Maybe a future Figure Subscription assortment will work it in.

The little extras are what really interested me. Blowtorch could always have used a fire axe and a rifle. Thanks to the flamethrower storage, he can wield a rifle without having to throw his main weapon down. The alternate oxygen tank is also a nice added bonus, and is a precursor to the alternate backpack concept later seen with the modern Airtight.

As much as I like this new version, I still can’t get over the half smile on the head. Blowtorch has some new personality thanks to it, but I can’t help but be a little creeped out, especially since his head is usually pointing down a bit thanks to the ball joint. No, I’m not wearing asbestos underwear! Stop looking at me like that!



  • I haven’t gotten a Blowtorch from ANY series yet, but when I do, this’ll be the first one. And that alternate oxygen tank? I thought that was a fire extinguisher.

  • Yeah, I was kind of underwhelmed by the first Blowtorch, but not having any real attachment to him to begin with, I also wasn’t terribly disappointed when this version never showed up in my area. I’m glad they kitted him out a bit more (since I think that was part of my disappointment with the 25th Blowtorch) and gave him a little bitter paint job but at the same time I’m not sure he and Croc Master necessarily needed PoC re-releases since they were pretty easy to find the first time around.

  • I rmember, missing out on V1 Blowtorch and Barbeque when i was at a rummage sale. There was a huge bag of ARAH figures i was sifting through. When i saw those two, i mistakenly picked up another DJ and Scifi by mistake

  • Since 1984 is my favorite year for Joes, Blowtorch has always been a must for me. As such, I own three of his four versions. It was cool to see him released with his visor and mask in different colors, more like the prototype ’84 figure with that clear visor and black hose which never came out. The extra gear moves him up even higher among the mostly outstanding POC series.

  • Its a fire extinguisher it says ‘powder’ on it so its a CO2 fire extinguisher…

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I think the expression on his face says it all: this guy likes setting stuff on fire.

  • I liked this Blowtorch figure, I thought it was the bees knees, especially for a character that was fairly limited in my own little-universes-mind.

    It has a good spread of gear, and I liked having the less strict military option of a figure to add to the kids toys.

    The part that has been a let-down is that just through playing, nothing rough, the mask-to-helmet straps have given out.

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  • I missed the 25th version so I was happy to see him get rereleased in PoC.

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