Blast From the Past: Cobra Army Circa 2004

I’m not usually one for big time a building, or collection pics for that matter, but I was digging through my older Joe photo files, and found a few shots from about ten years ago. Apparently, I got a wild hair one night and set up most of the army builder troops I had at that point. I have to say it’s somewhat impressive to see them amassed in such a way. I’m a bit disppointed to see that I didn’t break out all the troop figures I had, from the new sculpt Python Patrol Vipers and Tele-Vipers, to the Night Creepers from the same period. Also missing from the shot are the multiple sieges from Operation Crimson Sabotage and the TRU six packs. I was stocking up on those, too. Why? Because they were there. Army building is a dangerous road to go down.

In the years since, I’ve picked up quite a few more Alley Vipers of varying years, along with Flak Vipers and more comic pack Cobra troopers. Some day I’ll have to line them all up again. It’s nice to have a small army, as long as it doesn’t come to dominate the collection.


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