Big Lob (2010)

Man, I really miss the o-ring. I don’t want to sound like a dinosaur whose only interest is in the old construction, or who pines only for a rigid return to the old 80’s style. I realize that time marches on, especially in the toy world. The old Joes, as great as they are, just wouldn’t stand up to today’s hyper detailed and articulated competition. Those old toys however, are loaded with charm. I suppose if I look deeper than the o-ring construction itself, the charm is what I miss.

The Collectors Club’s 2010 exclusives were some of the final classic styled o-ring figures released. With Big Lob, the style went out with a bang. Yes, he’s one of the goofier elements from the off-kilter animated movie. But I don’t care, as this figure transcends the look of his cartoon counterpart and channels some of the essence of the eclectic early Joes. He’s charming.

You might think that after Bazooka, a sports jersey would seem played out. Big Lob makes it his own, thanks to the interesting mold choices for the rest of the figure. The legs come from Ambush, and they really work well in this instance. The rolled pant legs give a kind of American football appearance that also fits the sports theme.

Being a superb grenadier, he’s appropriately festooned all about his person with the eminently throwable weapon. They’re on his thigh, bandolier and even his bicep (thanks to ’93 Gung Ho). Naturally, his primary weapon is a grenade launcher, in case he needs a little more distance than he can manage with a throw.

Finally, the head. I suppose a new mold that was closer to the animated look could have been created, but maybe it wasn’t in the budget. Changing a mold’s race based purely on a new paint color us disappointing and not a realistic approach (Hasbro even did it with Joe back in the 60’s). I know the head is based on the original Mercer mold, but hasn’t it been modified in some way? The face seems different to me. Whatever the case, I guess it’s as close as one could get to approximating the animated Big Lob’s distinctive look using existing parts. It was sad to say goodbye to the original small Joe construction, but at least the swan song included a charming throwback to part of Joe’s 80’s heyday.


  • Steven B. Williams

    It was good to finally see Big Lob get a figure. I really enjoyed him (and his speaking-in-the-third-person-sports-announcer personality quirk; the sports puns, not so much) in ‘G.I. Joe: The Movie’. Now, if only we can get an official modern-style Big Lob figure…

  • Hmm, construction breakdown:
    -Head–retooled Mercer V1 (1987) originating from the 2006 convention figure.
    -Torso–Salvo V1 (1990)
    -Arms–Gung-Ho V3 (1992)
    -Waist and legs–Ambush V1 (1990)
    -Bandolier–25th Anniversary Duke (2007)
    -Grenade Launcher and Pistol–ROC Reactive Armor Heavy Duty (2009)

  • Could have been better parts-wise but it certainly could have been much worse too. I was happy Big Lob FINALLY got a figure.

    “And Big Lob makes his move! He shoot, he scores.”

  • Looks like Grace Jones.

  • This was the final insult to Arah style joe collectors. Look! Well give you a crappy character and worse figure as the last drop of urine on the vintage lines legacy.

  • As someone that is just getting back into O-rings after much hand wringing and debating upon whether to buy into the new style joes i can say without a doubt that the O-ring figures do possess a certain charm that the new figures simply cant duplicate. I do believe it has to do with the height of the older figures. I tried (and still on occasion attempt) to get a better feel for the new figures through purchase of an odd one here or there but it hasn’t helped create the same feel i have for the o-ring joes. Fans say they love removable vests and such , well, look at this mercer 😐 It works for o-ring figures as well.

    With that said…the ARAH comic pack releases from 2004 onward are fantastic “modern” updates to the classic joe and i wish they would have released more. The head sculpts were wonderful.

  • I love the o ring and am really appreciative of the collectors club. I also really wanted a Big Lob figure. Unfortunately this one just looks like Mercer blacked-up

  • I got back into Joe with the 25th, yet the more I bought, I slowly realized that nothing beats the old vintage o-ring style. I’ve sold off all my doubles and even some rarer ME stuff to acquire more vintage. Even though the new style is cool for what it is, I’m a huge vintage fan. Does Acer or any one else know if SnowJob from the “Then and Now” ROC pack from Target is the last o-ring figure made by Hasbro?

    • I would say probably so–officially, that is, and not Collectors Club-made. And for the first time since 1983, that figure used ALL of the original parts, instead of using the Breaker/Clutch/Rock N’ Roll upper arms it had been saddled with since 1997.

  • I hated this figure, the head was too recognizeable as Mercer to me.

    On the difference, I think it might be the paint believe it or not. The more full eyes and the darker skin tone make it appear different I think (and I know that sounds weird, but I have noticed a similar effect on other figs painted different skin tones as well).

  • I have virtually no interest in any O-Ring figures nowadays. About the only point in their favour over the current type is their torsos being screwed rather than cemented together.

  • Big Lob makes for a nice epitaph but I wouldn’t write the o-ring Joes off just yet. It’s proved a tried and true approach that served the brand nicely in recent years with the comic packs. Those were awesome for longtime fans and a great value for kids as well. We’ve seen the o-ring style return three or four times now after long absences from retail shelves despite various design changes.

    I remember the 2002 non o-ring Joes bombing worse than paint wipes with collectors. Likewise, the present Retaliation drivers are basically the equivalent of early Action Force figures with five points of articulation. If the line continues to cut costs in such ways, bringing back the o-ring molds would seem a most feasible alternative.

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