1984 Wards Christmas Catalog Page

Here’s my all-time favorite 80s GI Joe catalog page layout. Thanks to my folks, I had all the product on this page by Christmas of ’84. It’s a nuclear nostalgia bomb, for sure.

Merry Christmas everybody!

1984 Wards Christmas


  • Great, clean photo. The white water is a bit disconcerting, though. The only Joes I remember for Christmas of ’84 was the Dreadnoks. Sears got them early so we got all three for Christmas. (My Dad took me to see the Karate Kid before going to Sears where I bought Buzzer and Ripper for my brothers for Christmas.)

    Good memories….

  • Wards did the best catalogue dios.

    Best year for the brand IMO.

  • ”Top favorite items of 1984:G.I.Joe Skystriker / Cobra Rattler. Let the air battles begin.”

  • In this diorama they made it seem like Ace is some kind of kamikaze. I think the water looks weird because that is how the scanning came out, and the catalog is very old, and the photos in it were probably not shot on high quality film back then. And the pages of the catalog are probably not too glossy either. But I’m just guessing. It would have been a perfect diorama, if it wasn’t for the two Roadblocks inside the Joe headquarters. I can see the G.I. Joe train, which I’m wondering if it is the exact same one that was used for the Transformers train set, but that race car set there that says K, I don’t know if it is from G.I. Joe or not. Maybe the information and the prices, will be shown on the next Joe A day episode. Merry Christmas. I’m out.

  • ”Zartan/the Dreadnoks,Firefly,Duke,Destro ,the most memorable.”

  • Just Curious what items K and L were – I had a lot of GI Joe Stuff but I don’t recognize these…

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