13 Days of Halloween: Warwolf

The Manimals certainly would have been a unique experiment within the Real American Hero line. I say would have since their planned release at the tail end of the RAH era was axed. Fortunately, three of the figures saw release via K-B Toys in 2001.

Warwolf transforms from an ugly humanoid to a…ummm…alien crocodile? Whatever he is, he doesn’t resemble a wolf. I suppose someone thought the pun-o-riffic play on the word werewolf just had to be used no matter what. Articulation had to take a back seat to the transforming action feature, but on the positive side, the usual arm movement was preserved.

Warwolf’s package art and his pre-production figure pictured in this Toy Fair catalog page look much better to me than the darker colors of the final version. Other than the skin tone, there isn’t much contrast to his uniform. The light skin tone doesn’t work as well as a more unearthly hue. A few more highlighted paint apps would also have brought out what are some nice details in the sculpt.

Warwolf Warwolf Warwolf


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