Zap (2009)

By Past Nastification

There are figures that Hasbro absolutely got right.  This modern era Zap is one of them.

The first year or so of the modern era figure had a few issues, such as arms with a limited range of motion at the elbows or peculiar sculpting.  By the time Zap was released, Hasbro had these kinks ironed out and parts already without issues were used.  

From 2009, this Zap came in the “Assault on Cobra Island” multi-figure set.  Zap was the last of the OG13 to get a modern era update, and there was even some concern that the character would be overlooked.  Like the other OG13 updates, the design was a slight modernizing and upgrade of the character’s 1982 classic design.

It’s even closer in design to some of the other OG13 Joe updates. Its boots are based on the original ’82 Joe boots, on which mystery shapes were used in lieu of bootlaces.  Modern era Clutch and Short-Fuze share these boots, and it’s a great detail callback.  The uniform color is just a shade or two darker than the original figure, but still reads as “Zap green”.  Want some more improvements?  How about two sidearms/holsters, more detailed webgear, and a canteen.  Hasbro even gave this Zap a unique head sculpt for this figure, when it easily could have thrown a mustache on other existing heads.  Should someone be so inclined, Zap’s bazooka (or recoilless rifle or whatever it is) can even be broken down into two parts.  Likewise, the rockets/shells in the backpack are removable, too.

The helmet is somewhat shallow/undersized, but not enough to really detract from the overall quality.

This Zap was worth the wait- possibly the best OG13 in modern era format.


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