• ”The world revolves around G.I.Joe”-”Yo Joe.”

  • That’s an interesting configuration for AstroViper’s rig.

  • The photo makes the Swampmasher and Imp look coo…no, it doesn’t. The photo’s cool, but they are still the Swampmasher and the Imp.

    • James From Miami

      Actually, the Cobra Imp is a nice looking, sort of small, tank looking vehicle. If it had been done in black, I think it would have looked much better. But I think it was done in that color, because of it’s name. Now, the Swampmasher is kind of dumb looking. The Constructicons colors make it look more suitable for Cobra, than G.I. Joe. But, in a dark olive green, or camo green, or a desert type of color, with the wheels from the Cobra Ferret, it would have looked awesome. Someone named Joemichaels70, made a custom like that. The photos of it are at the website JoeCustoms.com.

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