• ”Dreadnok Cycle is the best original version,instesd of copies.Reproductions are just too over done.”

  • “A dusty old box” Thats a great description for an old toys packaging

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    As far as the Dreadnoks go, I really think Hasbro should’ve just made some motorcycles that were in scale with the figures and totally lacking all the gimmicks.

  • Hasbro was smart to repurpose/recolor existing stuff like they did, though I’m not really sure how many people collected the Street Fighter stuff. Nice review of the box, but WOW is that spring launcher big in the photo!

    • Dreadnok: Spirit

      When I was buying Street Fighter toys as a kid, I just stuck with the figures of the characters that interested me. I didn’t buy any of the vehicles or playsets, but maybe that’s because the videogame didn’t have that kind of stuff in it. Looking back, I should’ve got that Street Fighter Thunder Machine for my Dreadnoks.

    • I went the opposite direction regarding Street Fighter. I didn’t care about the figures, I didn’t have the game console and I don’t think I ever played it when it was new and hot. The Street Fighter vehicles were awesome in my mind, though. I had a few of those, it was great having 10 year old vehicles in new form…, save for the launchers. But they were easily removable at that time.

  • James From Miami

    Reduced from $5.49, to $1.37. Amazing. Has anybody seen any G.I. Joe vehicles in that same box size, in a clearance price that low, recently? The lowest clearance price that I ever saw on any G.I. Joe boxed item, was on the Stars And Stripes Forever set, for 99 cents at a Toys R Us in Hialeah, Florida. They had two sets left. This was probably around 1998. And in the Yojoe.com website, it says that this set’s original retail price was $29.99. I still can not believe that I saw those two sets for that price at that store back then. Every day I wish that I could go back in time, and walk into that Toys R Us, to buy those two sets that were left there. Anyway, great review on this box. Doing reviews on G.I. Joe, and other toys boxes, is a great idea. And it is also a great way to show the differences between the actual products, that were sold to the kids back then, and the prototypes that were sometimes shown on the back of some of the boxes. Like for example, the back of the 1985 Snow Cat box, were you can see clearly that both the vehicle, and the figure’s head are prototypes.

    • In January 1996, the Woolworths in my old town had literally a ton of Street fighter, Star brigade, battle corps and mortal kombat stuff and it was all heavily reduced. The figures were marked down to 90 cents and the vehicles were only a few dollars each.
      A few years ago, the R.O.C stuff really didn’t sell in my country either so it all got reduced too. Figures were dropped from $15.00 to $0.99. Those were some of the heaviest discounts I’ve seen on toys

    • When I bought the Karate Chopper off the retail shelf back in the day, I am thinking it was like $3.48 on clearance or possibly lower.

      I had the Dreadnok Cycle at that time, the solid red and white of the Karate Chopper could not beat it out…., and the loss of the turret gun to a spring-fire rocket launcher was a disappointment.

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