VAMP Mk II and Flint (2014)

Continuing coverage of the Danger at the Docks set, part of the Toys R Us 50th anniversary series, it’s yet another remake of a couple of iconic 1980s GI Joe toys. Although this retail version puts a new spin on the two in terms of decocration, the VAMP Mk II and a new Flint are nevertheless welcome additions to a modern era collection.

As iconic as the original VAMP is, the follow-up Mark II model remains my favorite. There’s always been something a little extra special about the simple but effective add-ons. The doors and top were a stroke of genius, and the other details also built on what was already the Joes’ go-to ride. When both the original VAMP and Cobra Stinger were released as part of the 25th anniversary series’ vehicle updates, I was all over them. For the most part, they were pretty great upgrades in terms of detail. Sadly, Hasbro never got around to the seeming no-brainer release of a Mark II VAMP. That issue was recently doubly resolved.

The retail version is painted in an urban digital camo that I think makes up for the lack of its proper vintage color scheme. Sure, getting the “correct” color as a SDCC exclusive stinks, but this paint job is refreshing and nicely executed. I wouldn’t mind seeing it on other vehicles as well.

Flint, though again not painted in the familiar colors of the classic 1985 figure, is a well done repaint. From first glance, I thought his camo was the same digital pattern as his vehicle, but not so. It’s more in line with the sort of thing seen on the Rise of Cobra Joe team’s trousers. I almost wanted to save this figure for the next Nice Pants Week for that reason. Maybe he’ll get a revisit by himself one day.

The Danger at the Docks set is one of the coolest GI Joe vehicle offerings to come along in a while. I did manage to pick up the SDCC version as well, so look for it to show up here eventually. In the meantime, come back tomorrow as we wrap up the week’s 50th anniversary product coverage with an entry that’s so big, it took two people to do it.


  • If I do get this set I’ve been debating if I want to repaint it classic or leave it as is.

  • This version of the VAMP Mark II fits in nicely with the stuff from RoC, right down to the Flint figure.

    The camo also brings to mind the TRUs Stinger repaint from ’98 that introduced the Vypra character.

  • Nice Lamborghini Cheetah! And cool Franchi SPAS.

  • I like the digital camoflage pattern on the Vamp. I’ve tried to recreate that effect on model kits but its a pain to do properly.

    Seeing as how Swindle from Transformers was also a Lamborgini cheetah [or something very simmilar] is there any chance of getting one as a crossover toy?

  • Mine is sitting in my BBTS pile of loot.

    That hole in the roof….. My first instinct would be to use it to stand a figure through firing a gun as the vehicle moves. And yet it’s positioned over the driver’s seat rather than the passenger’s.

  • From my days, us kids locally were more in the ’84/’85 and up when it came to what toys we had. The Cobra Stinger was the only “VAMP” I had ever seen until I bought a very play worn ’82 VAMP in about 1993.
    Being the same vehicle base, in my mind, the good guys had the guns, and the bad guys had the rockets. At that time, anyway.
    Now, I just really dislike that both sides have the same base vehicle, so the Cobra Stinger had to go from my forces. It was like a captured vehicle, since destroyed or something….

    This would be a great set to get, and I’m not a “modern” collector at all.
    I agree with Joe Clutch Castro, too, this really fits with RoC as far as I can see.

    This VAMPs camo does not beat my all time favorite “Rattler 4WD” camo. That was my ultimate favorite for sure, was not easy to give up that jeep.

    I would like this VAMP to replace my 25th Green VAMP, I doubt I’ll find this one easy. This 50th would work well with my 2000 AWE striker.

  • I picked this set up a few days ago and I’m painting it vintage brown, but leaving the missile launcher black

  • They seem to think that a common details vintage vehicles lacked was hoses running to things. Use the remake Vamp body, so you get the original gas cans instead of water cans.

  • I’ve just bought the complete set off ebay from ‘viperskingdom’, the guy that has stuff long before official release….I’m hoping no parts are missing or duplicated as some have spoken of QC issues. I bought it for the bargain price of $54.99 shipped, free shipping. I feel it makes a refreshing change that the retail version has a more ‘Night / Urban’ camo scheme on both the VAMP MKII and Flint, as I owned the original VAMP MKII in my now sold ARAH era collection as well as currently owning the 25th VAMP MKI, 25th Flint in both original and Tiger Force camo patterns.

  • Mine arrived today. Not one part missing or faulty. Even had the updated Eel harpoon gun with new sculpt handles. I’ve read many horror stories about the bad QC and parts even breaking, like the Eel’s backpack peg, nothing like that here with my set. Even the figure plastics and paint apps are perfect. Very pleased.

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