Ultra CORPS! Hac Luger

Leave it to Lanard to make one of the coolest bad guy figures ever in 12 inch scale. The company’s CORPS! series didn’t introduce a group of villains until the 2000s Marauders. Hac is a member of the terrifying team that combats the heroes. I don’t recall his appearance in the small scale line, and that’s a shame, because this guy is pure ridiculous badness on the scale of a 90s Steven Seagal movie.

The Ultra CORPS! line came in various flavors. There were super accessorized as well as a more basic version around the size of the Hall of Fame packages. That’s not to say they’re sparsely kitted out. Hac includes a sizable set of ne’er do-well tools. Along with a combo missile launcher/mortar, he’s got a shotgun, silenced pistol and explosives. To top off the modern crook appeal, he’s also sporting a couple of 700 gig hard drives and some straight cash. Nice.

The fashion sense however is what ultimately sells the figure for me. From his streaked hair, earrings and skull ponytail holder to his branded leather jacket and strategically ripped jeans, this is a bad guy who’s his own brand of put-together. Fashion forward means bank robberies and industrial espionage this season! Fab-u-lous!


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