Tunnel Rat (2009)

The modern construction style lends itself to differing body sizes and heights. The same was true with the o-ring to an extent, but was not exploited as often as it has been among more recent figures. Tunnel Rat, one of the more diminutive GI Joe team members, finally received a figure that reflected his intended stature during the 25th Anniversary line.

Tunnel Rat didn’t get a single carded release for the 25th Anniversary, instead appearing in a comic pack, and a Walmart exclusive movie two-pack. The colour scheme might look a bit familiar, as it’s inspired by the Night Force repaint. The figure also features a head sculpt that portrays some of the most impressive character in the modern line. Tunnel Rat exhibits a sort of grim determination that stands out among toys that at times portray their subjects either in neutral portraits or somewhat too-friendly grins.


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