Tiger Force Tripwire (1988)

I really couldn’t think of much to say about this figure, other than the fact that I love the colors; they’re just so much fun. Tripwire was an early fave of mine (yeah, I was a weird kid) and this repaint is so amped up with color compared to the original, I have to love it.

Then I remembered what happened a few days ago as I was going through my usual process of preparing an article. My son Will, who is three and a half years old, sometimes accompanies me to the Joe A Day HQ’s secured bunker when I shoot photos of the next round of subjects. He often plays with the GI Joe or Star Wars items that I’ve left out specifically for him. Often I’ll pause in my searching for the next figure to shoot in order to help him put a gun or sword in somone’s hand, to help him get someone into a vehicle, or just join him in a quick ninja vs. Jedi battle. We both have a pretty great time sharing an interest in toys.

Anyway, when I returned to the camera and light box, with Tiger Force Tripwire waiting inside, I heard a tiny voice over my shoulder exclaim “He’s really like a tiger, Daddy!” You know what? He’s right, and he distilled my thoughts so succinctly, there’s not much need for me to say anything other than that. So thanks, Will. I think you’ve provided all the commentary I needed today.


  • Even though a group with tiger camo makes no sense at all, I’ve always been a huge fan of Tiger Force.

  • Is it me, or does the head have the exact same colors as the V1?

  • This figure was my inspiration for my Tiger Force Grand Slam custom!

  • I like Tiger force despite what most critics say. It was a smart way to sell the same toys again.

  • I always love the kids’s perspective.

  • That’s a cute post, Rob. I used to have this figure long after the original left the shelves.

    Back in the early 80’s, I would bring Tripwire and Breaker along on my family’s Sunday visits to the cemetery. Must have been something about Tormod S. Skoog’s (is that an anagram or something?) tendency to trip on his own feet while carrying explosives.

  • @Clutch
    I’m still waiting on my corps figures Fox and Jones to return from that desert mission i sent them on about 25 years ago.
    Oh and i think Tripwires last name is a palendrome for a dorogitory term. I’m really sorry if ive just offended everyone.

  • I think Tripwire’s Tiger Force uniform would make a great Halloween costume. Where to find a man-sized onesie?

  • MY knock against Tiger Force were the vehicle’s colors. Brown and black stripes might have worked. Yellow just didn’t. Too obnoxious even for the time. Yes, I now there’s some NATO war games or something that uses yellow with black stripes, but that’s for some aircraft.

  • It seems Tripwire felt he was a little plain (perhaps even a shelfwarmer? Based on Yo Joe.com Have/Want stats, Tripwire is the least sought-after 1983 figure) so he decided to go with something loud… like a tiger-striped chest protector. I think it was a cool repaint even if it’s a little silly, but hey, these are toys after all.

  • When you said your son was helping, I was really anticipating “…then, Tripwire’s crotch broke.” It happens with 20+ yr old figures and toddlers. Tiger Force is a bit over-the-top, but it can be fun that way.

  • Back in the day, this was one of my original thirteen figures, if you will, for my collection. At that time, I had the Tiger Cat and Tiger Shark make it’s way into my collection, Frostbite was the only other Tiger Force figure. Frostbite was used often, he had the awesome rifle, and he wasn’t in constant snow gear (unlike Wet Suit ’86 who was always scuba diving…).

    Tripwire was interesting, but no guns, specifically a rifle, so he was always bumming weapons or using accessory pack weapons. The detachable mines in the back pack were really cool, but the “wire” to the detector broke off early on.

    Never a stand out character figure for me other than the fact that the Tiger Force Tripwire was the Dragonfly Co-Pilot!

    Wild Bill from my original Dragonfly had been confiscated permanently at school (don’t get me started), so Tripwire actually had his shining time in the seat of the Dragonfly.

    Being an 1983-84 style figure, Tripwire fit perfect in the Dragonfly, of course. As successive year figures became a little more bulky or detailed, the Dragonfly became a little more tight fitting for figures.

    Tripwire also served as a driver, or passenger front seat occupier in my mail in APC due to the perfect 1983-84 style figures fitting in those vehicles so well.

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