The Power of Packaging: Specialist Trakker

Looking back at the 25th anniversary series figures, I’ve got to say it’s often a bittersweet reminiscence. On this tenth year since the first appearance of the Joe and Cobra packs, the differences between the action figure market of just a decade ago is striking. I see fewer toy lines featuring individual character art on their packaging.

Matt Trakker (and MASK, by extension) was an exciting addition to the Joe team, and the figure was very nicely done for a time when Hasbro didn’t have a ton of parts from which to choose. Matt is well represented on his card art, and I’m impressed by the dramatic lighting, though it would have been nice to see Thunderhawk slipped into the background.


  • Spiritofthebeachhead

    Wwre thw original MASK figures 7POA? Were any other figures ever made with this unique POA? (5 POA + bendable knees) If not, another reason to celebrate MASK!

    • Tyco’s Dino-Riders were the same scale with same articulation. Dragon Riders of the Styx were 3 3/4″ with same articulation. Gabriel’s Long Ranger and Zorro figures. Kenner’s Raiders of the Lost Ark. Fisher Price Adventure People’s motorcycle riders were the same but with ball jointed necks. Even smaller than mask, STARCOM had 7 POA, too, I think.

  • 10 years later and the only other 4″ MASK character made is the new comic book Matt Trakker.

  • While it would be nice to see a nod to the Thunderhawk, I think the color of the helicopter pack is a nod to their green motorcycle that changes into a helicopter. The Condor, maybe?

  • I definitely feel the Condor coloring on this Annihilator copter pack.

    One of the few “modern” figures that have managed to hang around at this point here. Something that was somewhat original about this one that I like that made it feel like a new thing and not just another re-format.

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