The Power of Packaging: Sigma 6 Arctic VAMP

I’m not afraid to say that I adore the Sigma 6 line. That’s not too odd a thing to say these days, as more Joe fans seem to appreciate the series than when it was first released. However, while much more respect is paid to the large scale figures, the smaller vehicles and action sets stil don’t seem to get a lot of attention.

I covered the vehicle itself a few years ago, and at the time I couldn’t bring myself to discard the box. I’m generally a loose collector when it comes to new product, but couldn’t resist in this case. With a dynamic painted scene of the VAMP in action, busting from the frame, and firing its missiles, it begged me to buy it and keep it. Of course, I had to open the package, as the design and features make it just too cool to leave imprisoned in cardboard.

Sigma 6 Arctic VAMP Sigma 6 Arctic VAMP


  • ‘4 kids TV’??? I wonder if that’s why the sigma six cartoon was so well, terrible.

    • You said it all right there. The cartoon looked pretty however. It’s too bad we didn’t get the Baroness or Scarlett in the large format.

  • There was a sigma six cartoon? I’ve never seen this vehicle either. It’s nice here under this rock.

    • Avoid the sigma six cartoon. It was an unfunny, clumsy mess. I’d wager it follows ‘Extreme’ as being the second worst Joe show ever

  • Glad to see you back Rob. I was starting to get worried.

  • That is some exciting art! I didn’t realize that the plow was removable.

  • The packaging was pretty good. Too bad it contained 2.5″ scale junk.

  • I did like the 8″ figures I bought, all gone now, but solid figures. I really ignored the small sized ones I saw, I did not want to try and force myself into something new to have fun with my classic ’80’s collection.

    But the vehicle portion of the small Sigma 6 line has had more appeal to me as of late. At their size, these would fit on shelves or in boxes in a big mass of toy.

    I think the Sigma 6 cartoon started out off, but the last several episodes felt like they were getting into a better groove. With the introduction of Lt. Stone (and the cool Long Range character) and perhaps an eventual dismissal of the Duke/Scarlett/ Snake Eyes/ Rat/HD crew, I could have gotten more interested in it.

    Looks like a fun “jeep” here.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    It looks more like an arctic Mudbuster than a VAMP.

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