The Power of Packaging: Recondo (1984)

I was shooting photos last week, and grabbed up Recondo, thinking that I hadn’t covered him yet. Turns out I had. Not wanting to waste an opportunity to revisit one of the most iconic 80s Joes (for me at least) I thought I’d put up a scan of his card art. If this kind of product presentation isn’t more than half of what drew us into these toys as kids, I’ll eat my (boonie) hat.

You don’t need my vain ramblings to appreciate this–just look. Classic.




  • It’s unfair to say if only Recondo had lived up to his card art since the figure is awesome. But, the art is even better. I found this guy at a KMART in the little town where my aunt and uncle lived. They had a Ripcord whose accessories had been stolen and Recondo. So, I got Recondo and never looked back. Such an iconic figure.

  • While I may not have lived through this time like you guys, there’s one element I see on this card that really does it for me: the price.

  • I always associate Recondo with another character who made his debut in 1984….Michael Douglas’ Jack T. Colton from Romancing The Stone. They both had the hat, funky backpack, unique rifle, khaki clothing, and made their living in the jungle. Plus Colton is SUCH a GIJOE name 😉

  • This card is INTENSE! I’d forgotten Recondo had a primal scream going. But a jungle fighter needs to be B.A.D., and he fits. Definitely a figure I’d have chosen off the pegs (but I got him 2nd hand back then).

  • Recondo has one of the scariest looking faces for a Joe.

  • Yes! Recondo awesome figure, I too got him second hand. I did see the card art due to my cousins 2nd handing some card and file cards to me too. I really liked recondo and I still have him complete like I did in 88′ when I got him. Always loved the figure and the accessories were awesome too, the backpack and the gun! Man really makes you miss 80s o-rings, thanks Rob!

  • This is the G.I.Joe figure born closest to where I am right now.

    And that location makes me wonder if the town name was coincidentally made up, or if someone from Wheaton was at Hasbro at the time.

    I haven’t gone through all the birthplace towns on file cards to see what the actual towns look like, but…., possibly born in a barn here?

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