The Power of Packaging: DEMON

Battle Force 2000 needed an enemy as futuristically odd as they were, and Destro’s Iron Grenadiers obliged. The Joe line in 1988 was fully into sci-fi territory, and the vehicle designs evidenced the shift. Despite this, the line was consistent in the quality of its packaging. The toys may have looked a bit crazier, but the presentation remained enticing. 

The DEMON is one nutty looking vehicle, even by Destro’s standards. When it elevates on its tracks, the thing looks even stranger. The painting on the package only depicts this alternate mode in the background, and I wonder if that was purposeful. In the interest of fairness, I will say that the DEMON isn’t as unwieldy looking as the Dominator tank/helicopter. By the way, did Destro raid Miles Mayhem’s file cabinets to find that design?


  • ”Destro,fed up with the constant power struggle with Cobra Commander/Serpentor,he decides to create his own army from his Scottish guards-Behold, The Iron Grenadiers are born, to fight BOTH G.I.Joe/Cobra.” -”The D.EM.O.N.was built to do just that/more .”

  • All of the Iron Grenadiers vehicles are strange looking. None more so than the next. The only one that ever made sense was the AGP, even still I love them all.

  • This boxart really sells it! Excitement and dynamics with vibrant colors. Even if I weren’t an IG fan, I think this would’ve convinced me to buy a DEMON!

  • I always liked when some of the art depicts extra characters and vehicles, like Destro in his Despoiler here, and that other DEMON.

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