The Power of Packaging: 1983 Zap

Looking back at the first series of 80s Joes, I get a sense that these images more than any others would make a great collage. Has anyone done that yet? 1982’s Joes to me are an excellent continuation of the 60s and 70s package paintings, at least they give me the same feeling of action and adventure.

Zap is another bit of card art that doesn’t match his toy–at least his face. Although individual head sculpts were planned for the 1983 refitted Joes, the production figures’ heads were the same as the previous assortment. I’ve seen pics of Breaker, and some say Doc used the Short-Fuze design (not sure if that’s true) but I haven’t seen an alternate Zap.


  • ”The joys of the early 1980’s G.I. Joe. Zap ,just like all the rest, can never go out of style.They bring back sweet memories, of care -free childhood days once again.”-”Yo Joe!”

  • The alternate Zap was just shown last week at a toy show. I think it’s pretty poor and we’re better off with it unreleased.
    Since it was on facebook, there’s no way to find the link again. I miss message boards. And, yes, get off my lawn.

  • I enjoy all the figures’ cardart, but I agree that the first series really hits a nostalgic spot for the early ’80s. Maybe the overall warm tone? Zap’s pose reminds me of the classic Marx bazooka soldier plastic army man.

  • My favorite Zap is still the Sonic Fighters version. Great mustache.

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