The GI Joe File: Part 3

Wrapping up the GI Joe File are two more pages, featuring a full page of Zap as well as the continuation of the Larry Hama interview and Steeler with the MOBAT. Gotta love that full page pin-up. Excelsior!


  • Crazy 4 star general. It cannot be FLAGG, he was just a brigadier, Who is it?

    Which Joe defected to Cobra? Was that just Ripcord pretending to be Zartan?

  • ”Perfect Anti-Tank team.Putting both Zap and Steeler with their weapons, out on the battlefield, and wiping out Cobra H.I.S.S. Tanks galore.”

  • I would have thought Snake Eyes would originally have been the team’s demolition expert, considering the 1982/1983 figure includes a literal “explosives pack” as an accessory, in addition to having a second bomb sculpted on his left leg.

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