That’s How I Found It: GI Joe Colorforms

It’s our second That’s How I Found It feature, and this time we’ve found a well-worn Colorforms set. Is it complete? Is it grade worthy? No on both counts, but it’s still pretty cool! Check it out…



  • I love this segment! Such a neat concept.

  • That is a great find! I had that set, it was my very first ARAH item. I wore mine out. I’m not 100% sure because it’s been 30 years, but I think your set is complete, or pretty close to it.

  • That vamp could be mistaken for Swindle in those colours

  • Looking at the box, I was pretty sure I owned that at one point. Then you opened the box and I knew I had owned it. That’s a great find for $1.00. After all you netted yourself two decent pieces of Joe art; one of which you’ll be able to change whenever the mood strikes you.

  • I’m pretty sure I had this once, too! Probably garage saled off with my board games. Notice how they Nerfed all the Joes? No knives or grenades on their webgear? Maybe that’s why there’s no gun on the VAMP? (Just ignore the massive 20mm on the RAM).

  • I had one of these as a kid. Both of my brothers did, too. They got played with for 18 seconds when they were new and then were discarded as junk. I just never got the appeal of these things.

    They must have been cheap at the time, though, since we kept getting them. But, I’d have rather gotten Grunt #4 than another colorforms set!

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