Edwin “Lifeline” Steen (2010)

Until I started taking a deeper look at the Palitoy Action Force figures, it hadn’t occurred to me that this Lifeline was an homage. The Z-Force medic figure was outfitted in a similar fashion, with a white vest and white helmet over green fatigues. The figure’s base hails from one of the great final assortments of the original Real American

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Black Major (1983 Action Force)

The Black Major is another member of the Action Force enemy, the Red Shadows. I find these early Action Force figures endlessly fascinating, not only for their visual appeal, but also for the comic storyline that revolved around the Red Shadows and its transition into Cobra. It’s an interesting alternative to the US comic mythos. In the Action Force story,

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Red Wolf (1984 Action Force)

It’s been a long while since I covered a figure from Action Force,  the UK’s sort-of cousin of GI Joe. The initial years of that line shared a construction style similar to Kenner’s vintage Star Wars line. Five points of articulation were common, as was a more pliable plastic. The figures have a completely different feel from the domestic GI Joe line,

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