Super Joe in the Sears Wishbook

Super Joe just doesn’t get enough attention in my opinion. I find its designs and sci-fi aspects interesting and colorful. The differently colored uniform variations bring to mind the original Trek outfits, and I dig the unique 70s sci-fi vibe, all the way down to the funky package art.

SJ appeared in a few Christmas catalog entries during its short time on shelves, and Sears in particular gave the toys a good amount of exposure. Here we have the Avenger Pursuit Craft spotlighted, with other accessory sets that include outfits and the Rocket Command Center. The Avenger even gets the “Sears Best” designation. Way to go, Joe!


  • I’m surprised nothing required C batteries, the kind you never have on hand and always need on Christmas Day.

  • Oh wow, what year was that?

    I’d never seen the Joe AVENGER Pursuit Craft before. The orange is rather vibrant! I’m, more use to it in a more Military Green as the Action Man Super Pursuit craft (a quick google for “Action Man Super Pursuit Craft” should give you pictures) Although I never owned one it was a big part of the Action Man line in the UK when I was growing up in the late 70s and early 80s and a familiar sight on toy shelves and in friend’s houses. I’m pretty sure the jeep was reused in action man too, but in the same colours.

    The rest of the stuff in the advert I saw in a b&w print ad in the UK Star Wars weekly. I can’t be 100% sure but I think it was sold in a differently named toy line (Not Action Man or Super Joe.) I don’t have my Star Wars Weeklys to hand to check but given the title this would have been c1978. Quick Google & eBay UK searches for Super Joe or Rocket Command Center don’t throw up anything relevant.

  • The modular action is very cool! $15 seems kinda pricey for then, but there are a lot of parts.

  • Hey check out for all sorts of cool information and pictures of the Super Joe line and related toys.

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