Summit Challenge (1999 Action Man)

If you’re into the twelve inch scale, and have an interest in unusual figures and accessories, the 90s Action Man range may be worth a look. I’ve been picking up examples every now and then, and I find quite a few outfit sets speak to my affinity for bright colors and unique concepts that separate themselves from the usual Joe product.

Summit Challenge puts Action Man in a funky ski suit. It’s just the kind of colorful and edgy design you’d expect to see in the 90s. Dare I say it’s extreme? Orange and blue seems so to me. Now the odd thing here is the presence of a rifle. You may think this is meant to be a biathlon set, but the package back clearly says it’s an assault rifle. I suppose you could put Action Man into a Bond-ian situation in which he’s undercover as a world-class skier, and the rifle is necessary later in the adventure, when he has to engage terrorists in a downhill ski battle. That kind of thing happens at least twice a week in the Bond world.

My favorite element of the Action Man sets is finding reused Joe parts. In this case, we get a 1991 style Snake Eyes mask done up in grey and blue. Makes me want to try working that part into a snow Snakes custom.


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