• Armor Tech….maybe Star Brigade toilet paper would be more appropriate?

  • Armor Tech is love.

  • Happy birthday, buddy!

  • Wait… is there a Sky Patrol stein??

  • Happy Birthday! I really wanted to love the Armor Tech figures back in 1993 but it felt like they didn’t live up to their potential. Especially the ones with too-short arm cannons. However, anything Neon ’90s now can’t help but make me smile.

    • I know what you mean. I have always found it really strange that while the Armor Tech figures of Duke, Heavy Duty, and Destro, had those arm cannons, the B.A.A.T. figures, which are robots, did not have them as part of their design. In my opinion, the human figures should not have had those arm cannons, and only the B.A.A.T. figures should have had them instead. But, they should have been made as a removable accessory for kids to replace it with the B.A.A.T.’s left arm. I wonder who’s crazy idea that was? And why were they designed with those short legs on top of the fact that they were already missing so much articulation? Their designs just don’t make any sense to me. No wonder the Hasbro folks did not make any more of those Armor Tech figures for the following year. They obviously did not sell very well. Anyway, I’m just glad that Robo-J.O.E. was not designed that way, since that one, and the B.A.A.T. figure, are the only ones from that subset that I’m planning on buying some day.

  • Happy Birthday Rob!

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