Stalker (2008 DVD Battles Pack)

When it comes to classic Joes, it doesn’t get more classic than Stalker. Prominently featured in early Joe media, including the Marvel comic and the Sunbow cartoon, he’s been around since the beginning and is still an integral part of the Joe mythos. In the Marvel comics before Duke’s arrival, he functioned as Hawk’s second in command of the Joe team.

When the 25th Anniversary series rolled out, Stalker was again one of the first Joes released. The initial version’s look was based on the original card art, and Stalker was outfitted in a drab green with an almost tiger-stripe camo pattern. This version was released in the first DVD Battle Pack, a series that included three to four characters along with a DVD of classic Sunbow episodes. Stalker appears here as he did in the opening of the original cartoon mini-series, complete with JUMP jet pack and laser rifle. The paint job accurately reflects the cartoon as well, with bright green and large darker green camo spots. Being based on the original 25th molds, the articulation suffers from those early figures’ issues, particularly the elbows, which don’t bend to a complete 90 degree angle. The sculpt’s details are excellent, especially the head. Stalker looks like a dude you just don’t mess with, in keeping with his background as a capable military leader and his past as the leader of a Detroit street gang.

He may not be most fans’ default version of the character, but I’m glad Hasbro decided to throw a bone to the Sunbow cartoon fans by releasing an animated style Stalker in the DVD Battle Packs.


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