Ssgt. Rock ‘N Roll (2008)

So you want to put together a comic pack and include a couple of Joes that are featured prominently in the issue? How about including one Joe who played a fairly big part in the story, and one who showed up in a Mess Hall scene? That’s what happened to Rock ‘N Roll. Deep Six, who was also included in the comic pack, had a pretty memorable swamp battle between his SHARC and the Cobra Water Mocassin. Rock ‘N Roll on the other hand, was chowin’ down on some c-rations.

The first Rock ‘N Roll figure in the 25th anniversary line wasn’t much to wrote home about, with his Duke arms and ill fitting helmet. This one doesn’t end up much better, and has the dubious distinction of one of the laziest camo patterns ever. Seriously, it looks like somebody took a Sharpie to his drawers. Nice pants. Was he borrowing a spare pair from comic pack Falcon?


  • Going by issue #25’s cover, it should have been Zartan or Wild Bill instead.

    I’m a huge Rock ‘N Roll fan and he is one of my favorite Joes ever. But those two 25th Anniversary figures failed to impress. What a disappointment they turned out to be. Even his eyes are “off” somehow, as one would find in a Funskool product.

    Also, what IS it with that extra “s” anyway? Did Hasbro also lose the copyright to “Sgt.” or what?

    • And let’s not forget that they didn’t even repaint the wristwatch!

      In all seriousness, unless my guess is off, the upper legs are the same shade of green as the 7-pack Hit N’ Run, so you could swap out the upper left thigh for this one to make the Hit N’ Run figure a little more like the V1.

      And you have to admit–at least this Rock N’ Roll can, unlike the first 25th Anniversary figure, hold his weapon a little better.

  • Rock N Roll was always a favorite of mine, due to his V1 figure having been my first Joe. Benchpress from the RoC line has, so far been the best modern era version of the character, and frankly, that’s rather sad. I really want a good modern version of Craig S. McConnel.

    In the meantime, I might have to sharpie up my green britches so I can have as nice of pants as these. Good times will be had.

    By the way, Cluch, the extra “s” stands for Staff Sargent.

  • Awful looking figure. Weird black dots for eyes.

  • Rock & Roll is one of the most charismatic Joes, but none of his figures are really very good. The ’82 is iconic but obviously dated. The ’91 is semi-iconic if you grew up in the DIC years, but I’m not big on it. The ’05 comic version is shamelessly recycled parts and mint-pistachio green. Then there’s both lackluster 25th versions. The best incarnation might be the recent Sideshow one and he’s 12″ tall! Of all the Dukes and Snake Eyes they put out, why can’t our favorite surfer get at least one solid figure?

  • Yeah, I always loved Rock ‘N Roll. I’ll go for the ’91 version with the ridiculous double-machine guns.

  • I like this figure. Everybody seems to hate him.

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