Snow Storm (1993)

Well, I thought winter was finished around these parts, but I guess there’s one last blast coming through. In honor of that, and this crazy season of apocalyptic snowfall, here’s Snow Storm.

Part of the Battle Corps series, his claim to fame with collectors comes from a variation. This figure, along with the same year’s redesigned Outback, was intended for the Eco Warriors line. When that sub-team set was scrubbed, the figure was folded into the regular Battle Corps lineup. Early releases were still painted with Eco Warriors colors, including more flamboyant colors. Something about the orange and white is very appealing to me, maybe because it reminds me of an orange Creamsicle. Man,  I really shouldn’t write these things on an empty stomach.

Described on his file card as a high tech snow trooper, Snow Storm’s appearance actually makes a lot of sense considering his Eco Warrior origins. His substantial suit, which is sealed from head to toe, would definitely be safe from both extreme cold as well as toxic chemicals. Overall, he’s one of the most unique looking of all the GI Joe snow troopers.





Cold weather Joes seem to have bad relationships with temperature extremes. First there was Iceberg, a man born in Texas who hates hot weather and became a snow trooper. Snow Storm, originally from Havana, can’t stand the cold. Apparently, his thermal suit keeps him warm enough to continue fighting Cobra in frigid temperatures.

The later vintage molds often get passed over because of the era’s predilection for wild colors and even wilder gimmicks, but this is one figure with some excellent details, and a very different look. I’ve always liked his faceplate, which brings to mind the early 80s figures’ clear helmet visors. For those who prefer a more subdued color scheme, 1994 saw a repaint of the mold in grey, black and white. I think Snow Storm looks good in any color.


  • I once bought the Eco Warrior version of Outback and Snow Storm for seven bucks each at the late, lamented Mile High Comics store near Disneyland. Maybe I should have kept them, but what the heck. They’re still easy to find to this day.

    Since my family is Cuban, I was pleased that a Joe from Havana made it into the team before the line folded. Snow Storm falls into the “I think I skipped dessert” color category which makes one’s stomach growl. I wonder if he was meant to be a hazmat expert before Hasbro switched him over to the team’s arctic section? His suit certainly looks more like something Ozone or Clean-Sweep would wear although he also fits in well with someone like Cold Front.

  • I think I would want to get either the blue version or the 1994 version.

  • Considering his colors and specialty, maybe they should have called him Ice Cream Soldier. 😉

    Though in all seriousness, this isn’t a bad figure. My brother had the blue and orange version which I think worked a little better. The concept of a high tech thermal suit is pretty neat, and it’s nicely versatile. I’m sure he and I used him a lot as a diver or a space trooper too.

  • Somethings been nagging me about his filecard. It says he attempted to overthrow an evil regeme. Does that mean he was involved with the bay of pigs snafu?

    I have the blue one but a backpack broke off in his back and he needs a new o-ring pretty badly. Anyone know how to remove a backpack peg stuck in the screw socket?

  • Yep, he reminded me of those creamsicles too. It’s too bad, like that Lifeline that came with cereal, it was a missed opportunity to have this Snow Storm be a mail-away on creamsicle boxes. He’s doubly specialized, designed for handling toxic spills… in the arctic! Maybe he was properly geared for cleaning up the Exxon Valdez.

    I too preferred the white & blue version. The colors are more balanced. This one isn’t as bad as some of the other late brightly-colored figures. The glare of the white serves to subdue the brightness of the orange.

    Did you ever imagine so close to Opening Day for the Royals there would still be snow around? Around my parts, this very cold March is revenge for the record-breaking warmth of last March. No snow anymore, save for a few remnant shoveled piles here and there.

  • I’d recommend using a pair of needlenose pliers to grip the peg and slowly twist it back out.

  • The 1994 version is much better. But the figure is decent in all his forms. I used these guys as joe army builders for a long time as the blockbuster crew.

  • Thanks for the tips guys. I’ll see what i can do. On the subject of snow and winter. The last time it snowed in my area was when Mamoths walked around

  • Good as new
    I drilled out the s.t.a.r corps backpack peg with my Makita. Now if i can only reapir some of those ninja force figures i have

  • Amazing how long winter is hanging on this year. I don’t remember snow that came this early (or right on time and didn’t melt) or snow that hung on this long into March since like those days of living in Upper MI. Either way, bring on mild weather for me, please!

    I bought the blue/white Snow Storm originally back in the day, that’s the one that got the most use. I have had no desire to get that orange/white version, really, as cool as it would be to have all the versions next to each other for a picture.

    Eventually, I spent some time and money hunting down the later gray/black version in an attempt to have a less bright Snow Storm figure, however, I found myself still preferring the blue/white figure as the gray/black (as nice as it was) didn’t feel very arctic in the mix of arctic figures to me.

    In the end, all arctic figures have left here.
    Snow Storm overall sort of bothered me, as when you looked at all the cold-weather style figures, here’s a guy that has a hi-tech snow suit with face plate. I couldn’t see this guy hanging out with every other ‘Joe in the cold as they are freezing it up in their gear, while Snow Storm is toasty no matter what.

  • Agreed! Much less if a chance of nicking the back plastic!

  • Rob, I love your blog. What a great way to look back and reconnect with your joes, one day at a time.

    Quick question, do you plan on covering all 500 or so 1982-1994 Joes? If yes, I’d like to offer some cross-promotion. What if you wrote a one line teaser for each blog entry, and I’d add that to the bottom of each figure page on 3DJoes? In return, you could add links at the bottom of each of your blogs linking to the cooresponding 3DJoes page with something like “Want to see Snow Storm in 3D? Check him out on”

    The cross pollination could be good for both our sites, but more importantly, it would create a more robust nostalgia experience for our readers.

    Lemme know, and keep up the great work!

  • Have you seen the forecast Rob? I wouldn’t put that box of arctic figures up just yet 🙂

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