Snow Job (1983)

For a lot of adult Joe collectors, the environment specific characters often get some grief because of their perceived “limited” uses. Torpedo, Dusty, and Snow Job are useful in their specific roles, but outside of them are relegated to the sidelines. Torpedo looks a little ridiculous running through the jungle in a wet suit, and Dusty is out of place in the arctic. When you’re a kid, the Joes for different environments are just another cool figure, no questions asked.

Snow Job was the coolest for me, even though he only was used in the snow. Growing up in the Midwest, we were guaranteed snow at least a few times during the winter, so Snow Job and the Polar Battle Bear saw their fair share of icy adventures.

I’ve said it before about the positives of figures relating to their accessories, and in Snow Job’s case, he follows a format at which the early line excelled: every accessory relates to the figure, and nothing seems thrown-in or extraneous. The best feature of the figure is the fact that the figure can carry or store all of his accessories. Add in the popular laser rifle that became the de facto weapon in the Sunbow cartoon, and you’ve got a Joe snow trooper that was never replaced in my Joe army, even with later releases like Iceberg, Frostbite and Sub Zero.

The mold did get a bit tired out by the end of the 2000’s era with re-releases in the Collector Series, Spy Troops (as a driver) and even in a Toys R Us multi pack.


  • Snow Job is truly a classic, the arctic trooper that started it all. I couldn’t wait to get him back in 1983 and he was the last Joe I found from that year. The number of vintage figures that have turned up in all their yellow splendor is a testament to this guy’s popularity. His accessories are spot on. I loved the rifle way before the Sunbow cartoon made it trendy. But I never understood why Hasbro didn’t update Snow Job during the original run given how often he appeared in the cartoon and comics. They did overdo the use of the mold, but at least he’s out there for new generations of kids to enjoy.

  • Sneej!! Personality-wise (at least in the Marvel comics) he was one of my favorite characters though I’m too young to have ever had anything but one of the repaints from the 2000s. Still, Sneej!

  • Jonah Hardenbrook

    Snow Job is a classic, often overlooked character. My only gripe about this figure is the perma-hood and goggles. Had he been given removable headgear he’d be a favorite of mine. Instead my fave goes to Blizzard…best arctic Joe ever!

  • I like Snow Job, Dusty, and all the other enviornment specific joes. True they look out of place when they’re not in the snow, desert, or whatever… I always thought thats where your creative imagination tool over. Just pretend he is wearing green or brown etc.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Never had this one, but it’s a great looking arctic figure.

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