Snake Eyes (Dollar General Repaint)

Finally, I found this figure at retail. It seems like I’ve been hunting for it forever. Ever since I saw the first images online of the repainted “discount store” wave, this Snake Eyes, along with Storm Shadow, were a must-buy. In lieu of the 1991 coloring, it was done up in green. It’s something of an homage to the Heavy Assault Squad version of 2005, and that alone makes it cool enough for me to plunk down six bucks.

I won’t bother to repeat all of my thoughts on the mold itself; see my coverage of the previous version if you’d like to know. In general, I didn’t think the blue version came together very well due to parts choices, but I think the color choices here help the components more effectively blend together. Since this version is a straight repaint, I’m more interested in the color anyway. Snake Eyes has been outfitted in green before, but never quite like this. Usually, he just changes into  green pants and keeps his standard black shirt.

These inexpensive figures have been short on accessories, and Snake Eyes maintains his single weapon, a katana. A green katana. And it matches his vest. How amazing is that? For a man who’s usually monchromatically attired, he sure shows some flair for color with this outfit. They keep making Snake Eyes variants, and we keep buying them. It may strike a little to close to Power Rangers to put Snakes in different colored uniforms, but I’m all for changing things up and bringing in a fresh approach from time to time. Now where are my pink and yellow versions?


  • I would pay good money for a Pink Snake Eyes

  • I thought his colours were a nod to Nunchuk?

  • Don’t joke too much about those colors: Look what they did to Batman throughout the 90’s.

  • Not sure about the Desert Patrol/ Heavy Assault Snake Eyes coloring connection, as I was looking and thinking about it, I think Snake Eyes version 11 from 2002 is most similar in coloring. (A Snake Eyes I probably looked at at that time on the peg and passed right by…, and I suspect most did; save for those who are reaching collecting/ nostalgia age and are probably designing and recoloring today’s toys for us.).

    This Dollar General figure is pretty cool looking, though. It reminds me of Night Vipers (’89) a little bit, so, while maybe this is more of a Night Force Snake Eyes? Kind of similar to Night Viper v3 ’08, too.

    I would be buying these (Dollar General figures) if they were in any store around here, they look fun, simple, and the price seems alright.

  • Classic mold.

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