Snake Eyes (2009 Greatest Battles)

This was the 25th anniversary line’s attempt to recreate one of the cooler Snake Eyes figures from the new sculpt O-ring era. It utterly fails in that regard, and like his multi-pack sword brother, Snake Eyes ends up loaded down with extra web gear. Having said that, he’s still the main reason I bought the sad sack Greatest Battles DVD pack, although I do get a nice chuckle out of Thunder Thighs Pinhead Duke.







While I’m talking names, and since this figure bears no resemblance to the Valor vs. Venom figure, I’d dub it the Arashikage Mindset Rescue George Strawhacker Borovian Slaughter Edition Snake Eyes. I know that wouldn’t fit on a package, so maybe an acronym is in order. AMRGSBSESS–there you go.

I’ve actually covered the mold upon which this figure is based, itself an awesome modern interpretation of Snakes’ 1989 high-tech commando look. This figure goes for a lighter grey look that’s close to the 2005 Valor vs. Venom version, which is also a fantastic representation of Snake Eyes, by the way–check out those weapons! I’ll get to that one someday, but I digress. There are also some nice silver highlights that pick out some details that were previously obscured by a monochromatic color scheme.

As a plus, the added web gear actually fits the figure, unlike the aforementioned over accesorized Storm Shadow.  I do however miss the night vision goggles and suppressed Uzi with sling.


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