Snake Eyes (2008 Comic Pack)

A series of the 2008 comic packs featured new material that took place between the pages of classic Joe comics. The Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow pack gave us issue 21B, another “silent issue” set among the existing story of the rescue of Scarlett from the silent castle.

At the end of issue 21, Snakes had suffered a rip to his right sleeve, revealing the Arashikage tattoo and setting off the GI Joe ninja saga. This figure is even more battle-torn, with much of his sleeve and part of his shirt missing, and he’s even picked up a few sword slashes. Wow, I don’t remember him taking that much damage. Must have been some serious action between the panels. The result is an odd look, yet interesting for its uniqueness.

One comment

  • Strange they retooled that much for a comic pack figure, since comic packs were mostly reused tooling, sometimes with new heads.

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