Today, your humble Joe A Day writer is attending Power-Con/Thunder-Con, the first convention dedicated to He-Man and Thundercats, two hugely popular 80’s toy and animation properties. Joe has always been my favorite 80’s toyline, but Masters of the Universe ranks high among my personal geek loves, primarily due to the Filmation cartoon and the recent Masters of the Universe Classics “adult collector” toy series. In honor of such, I thought I’d try to cover something that I can halfway relate to Joe. It was tough, but here it is–Skeletor–I mean Skeletron.

Skeletron is the ultimate blank slate. Released as part of the Action Force line in the UK, it was only available as a mail-in, and was never offered on a card. As such, there are no details available about the character via file card bio or comics appearance.

The figure shares the typical Star Wars articulation of the Action Force line, with five points of poseability. The Action Force line had its share of goofiness along with realism, just like the US GI Joe line. Skeletron is supremely goofy in concept and execution.


  • Man, I could tell you the real story behind this figure and ‘what’ he was intended for…I’m not trolling, seriously. But I am wondering if I should spill…

  • It’s no secret sf1378…Mr Bob Brechin, the ex Palitoy employee who created Skeletron, told us the story of this figures creation @ last years Roll Call Roll Out convention, & was selling a limited edition signed print of it’s design sheet & biography. Bob, who’s a really nice guy personally signed my copy & donated all the proceeds of the sale to charity.

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