Sigma 6 Stand-Up Centerpiece

One day, I’m going to have a big ole GI Joe themed party. Most likely for my birthday, or possibly the birthday of this blog. Ten years sounds good, if (Lord willing) it and I am still around. At said future party, I imagine that I will most certainly acknowledge all eras of GI Joe, from the original military-accurate 1960s iteration to the iconic 80s relaunch to the future-current re-re-launch of Joe as a team of blind-bag based chibi characters. Yes, it will be quite the event.

Luckily, I’ll be prepared to cover the slightly-after-mid 2000s era with this Sigma 6 centerpiece. While my future party guests all stare at one another blankly, I’ll regale them with stories of how Hasbro strongly supported this bold new direction for the franchise, producing media tie-ins like a cartoon series and comic book. I’ll entreat them to consider the toy line itself was uniquely marketed, presenting two scales of GI Joe toys on shelves at the same time. Finally, I’ll reiterate the Hasbro was so confident in its new direction that they licensed party supplies. Amazing.

Shortly after my regaling, most of the guests would announce oddly coincidental emergencies, forgotten appointments or the urgent need to feed pets. Oh well. At least I would have had a chance to introduce them to the world of Sigma 6. And that’s never a waste of time.


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