Sidetrack (2000)

Ah, the days before Hasbro realized they could simply add Sgt. or Agent to the beginning of a character name to sidestep the whole lost name rights issue. I also dearly love the outright goofy names that they came up with instead. Sidetrack? What is he, the easily distracted Joe who often goes off topic in briefings?

So yeah, it’s pretty much Ambush done up in that weird marbelized plastic of the “collectors¬†edition” series. On the positive side, the Ambush accessories are present, including the camouflage netting, so you can still have him hide away from all your other Joes.

I suppose if you missed out on the original Ambush, this one would do as a stand-in, even though according to the file card, it’s not meant to represent the same individual. Speaking of the file cards, the 2000’s bios sure didn’t read as well as the vintage versions. This one leaves a lot to be desired in the subtlety department.

In the end, Sidetrack is a same-but-different kind of guy. The hair color is different, but hey, the Joes had a few members who hit the dye pot at some point (I’m looking at you, Hawk and Low Light).


  • This is where they should’ve used the “Aaron ‘Ambush’ McMahon” name from the 2004 Desert Patrol Squad 6-Pack.

  • Ambush is my favorite of the ’90 releases so this guy was pretty much okay as repaint go. He’s still Ambush to me. The colors kind of remind me of Slaughter’s Marauders. The file cards though, sucked badly. Gotta love the beard: Chester Arthur as a Joe.

  • When this guy came out, he was simply awesome. The color scheme and original accessories were just an incredible update to a figure most collectors at the time were not aware of. The Duke he was paired with was the same. But, by the time Waves 3 through 5 came out, the color scheme got tired and figures like this were rendered less effective very quickly. It’s too bad as I think this easily the best version of the Ambush mold and is a figure well worth owning.

  • I passed on this version, I had the orignal Ambush and couldn’t think of this figure, which looked EXACTLY THE SAME, as a different character. Especially when Ambush was so distinct (handlebars mustache ect.).

  • talking about 90s figures did anyone have the Rampart figure, he was always on my wish list

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