Shadow Viper (2001)

Shadow Vipers are described on the file card as infiltration and espionage specialists, but come on, we all know this is still the Astro-Viper, of the Cobra astronaut corps.

Also according to the file card, they cover themselves in powder in order to pass undetected during infiltration. Really? So that’s not a space-based EVA pack on his back? I assume then that they fly around in their little backpacks like evil Jetsons characters. Hopefully the jet noise is silenced so they don’t blow their cover. Wait, I forgot about the inviso-powder. Excuse me while I blow my drink out my nose. This is just one of the more non-sensical examples of the 2000-2001 series’ odd renamings, reinventions and character mold changes.

On a positive note, the paint scheme is fantastic. The dark and mutedcolors and paint wash bring out the detail on an already great mold. Including all of the original accessories was wonderful, especially considering that the Star Brigade version did not have any of the first figure’s awesome EVA backpack. As a Shadow Viper, it’s ridiculous; as an Astro-Viper, it’s awesome.


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