Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb

Remember the book and record sets of days gone by? I sure do. I can recall the veritable library of sets that my grade school maintained: everything from standard kids’ sing-along fare to then-current releases like The Black Hole and Star Wars.

The GI Joe Adventure Team releases were a few years before my time, but they’re fun nevertheless. Youtube is a treasure trove of these things, and the Mummy’s Tomb story is a perfect one for the Halloween season. Enjoy.


  • I had a few of these, but it was pre ’82 so I really didn’t understand who G.I. Joe was or what he was about. But, the scratchy records in the basement are a definite childhood memory. When I found them in my Dad’s cabinet along with his records a few years later, I didn’t understand why they were titled G.I. Joe or why there was no Cobra and no code names I recognized.

  • Reminds me of that movie the Angry beavers once watched “The curse of the mummies curse”

  • This is one of four that were available. They also packaged 3 of the stories on one 33 1/3 LP with no book. Very cool to see that included here.

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