Sci-Fi (2011)

Dear Pursuit of Cobra/30th Anniversary toyline,

What a crazy couple of years it’s been. Seems like only yesterday I met you at Joecon in KC, and look how far we’ve come. We’ve both changed since that first meeting;  you looked like Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans and Rachel Nicols, and I was a jaded collector who didn’t think Joe could be interesting after all those dark and boring movie figures. Who knew we would end up with a renaissance of articulation, new designs and accessories? Oh yeah, and don’t forget the greatest Storm Shadow since ’84.

There were a few times when you disappointed me, like when I wouldn’t see you for long stretches, apart from when Arctic Destro would show up alone (and wouldn’t even bother to bring beer.)

Anyway, it’s been fun hanging out and I know you’ve gotta split for the movie line, but dudes, I’m totally gonna miss you. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry <sniff>.

P.S. although Sci-Fi here was our last hurrah (and he totally rocks, once I found him LOL) I look forward to the arrival of new Joe friends in May, even if they do appear to be less articulate than you.

Joe A Day


  • What else needs to be said? Unlike the Renegades Stormy, I was able to find this gem before year’s end. I have yet to read anything bad about him. Sci-Fi always enjoyed a nice fan following going back to my USENET days. There were a bunch of collectors around then who loved to reminisce about how the ’86 original had aged so gracefully. Well, lightning seems to have struck twice at Hasbro in regards to this character. I believe today’s fans will be talking about Seymour Fine’s 2011 resurgence for yet another generation.

  • Sci-fi is my #4 favorite Joe member, I really want to get this figure!

  • I hate the 25th Anniversary series, but if it had been like this from the start, I’d have been on board from the start!

    This is an absolutely flawless update.

  • I’m still not ready to say goodbye to PoC/30th 🙁

  • At least well get a Night Viper at the end pf the movie line, Im kinda iffy on the movie line. the packaging is horrible.

  • Sci-Fi was a wunderbar remake. Alas PoC and 30th, you flew so high. Time to play TAPs.

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