Saturday Flashback: Patriot (1992)

SONY DSCThe Patriot is one of those vehicles that I remember passing up back in the early 90s. It was just plain odd. Heck, it still is. However, a bit of nostalgia grips me from time to time, and I get a hankering to revisit the halcyon days of collecting GI Joe in the 90s. It was an innocent time. Gotta wipe a tear from my eye here. Anyway, you can check out some older JAD coverage of the Joe team’s first low-rider tank right here.


  • Something I recently discovered–the front bumper is on upside-down. Turn it right-side-up, and it clicks into place underneath.

  • One of the worst vehicles ever…

  • Does it slide along the carpet or get caught, having to be picked up to be moved?

    • There are some ultra thin (a bit less than a quarter in size, if I remember) plastic rolling wheels, one per tread. I don’t remember them being very useful rolling wheels. The treads are smooth and slide well on all surfaces, however. Unlike the 1991 Parasite which would snag on a rug.

      Each tread pivots at the point it connects to the body, in fact, except for the one tread under the launcher mechanism, they could all turn upside down.

      IF I remember right.

  • This is one of those vehicles that will look great customized. The battlecorps era had some great molds but bad colors.

  • Always thought this vehicle echoed the 1984 Slugger. Gave one to my nephew 2 years ago.

    • Heck yeah, definitely I agree. Self-propelled artillery machine, for sure! Both Slugger and Patriot have an armored drivers seat for one, one “gun” for close in defense, and then a big artillery weapon makes up the beef on both.

      One as imaginary shells, and the Patriot (of Gulf War I fame) has the big rockets. Almost like it’s an upgrade into some sort of American version of the SCUD launcher (of Iraqi Gulf War I fame, as well).

  • My nephew liked it, but he was about 10 years old.

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