Sandstorm (2010)

Welcome to day two of Nice Pants Week, wherein I continue to work out my issues with some of the crazy drawers of our favorite little plastic men. Today we return to another thought-to-be-cancelled Target exclusive from the movie line.

Sandstorm is the driver of the RAM cycle from the Rise of Cobra line. He’s an MP who guards vehicle routes and patrols a base’s perimeter. I find this unique and different specialty very interesting. A bit of trivia on the name: Sandstorm was also Dusty’s coyote companion for his second release in 1991.

Sandstorm is yet another in that line who gets the movie style armored shirt, which is a little plain from a design standpoint, yet the Hasbro team adds a pop with the digital camo pants. The inclusion of Resolute Duke’s skydiving helmet makes for a nice removable motorcycle helmet, and the masked head underneath adds a bit of mystery to the character. It has been suggested that  Zartan’s disguise included in his Pursuit of Cobra figure is meant to represent this character. Hopefully the master of disguise didn’t kill him, as I think he’s a neat new character.

The earlier Target exclusive movie vehicle/figure packs were mostly repaints and not all that interesting to me. This one however works well as a nice new character, and is a cool addition to the movie line.

Oh and lest I forget–nice pants.


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