Red Shadows Staff Car (2010)

2010’s Vacation in the Shadows set marked the end of Collector’s Club exclusives based on the o-ring format. I still miss the older construction style, but I suppose things have to move on.

The use of the Indiana Jones German troop car makes a lot of sense, as the original Red Shadows trooper figures were based on WWII era German soldiers. The car doesn’t include all of the pieces from the Indy set, like the machine gun, which would have been a nice, if dated, addition. I love the giant Red Shadows skull emblem on the hood; a very cool graphic.

It’s too bad the club didn’t decide to pilfer other Hasbro lines to create a new version of some of the crazier old Red Shadows vehicles. I would have flipped for a modern update of the Roboskull. There have to be some Star Wars parts out there that could approximate it.


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