• ”No need to apologize.Seeing this classic TRU ad, brings back fond memories of the Hasbro’s 1989 line of G. I. Joe merchandise .3 Remakes of original vehicles:1986 Joe Conquest.1986 Cobra Stun, and 1984 Cobra A.S.P.”

  • James From Miami

    I’ve always wondered if the Hasbro folks at that time had originally wanted to repaint the Stinger jeep for the Python Patrol, so that the Python Patrol ASP could then be towed with it. What a mess up that turned out to be. And I never understood why was Copperhead chosen out of all of the bad guys, to be the one to lead the Python Patrol. I would have preferred either Major Bludd, Scrap-Iron, or maybe even, Firefly, to lead that group. And Copperhead could have just been released as a vehicle driver, with a Python Patrol repaint of the Water Moccasin, even if that boat had not been shown in Operation Dragonfire. Also, it would have been really great if the Python Patrol had been given a second year with more figures(like Python Patrol BAT’s, and Techno-Vipers), and vehicles(like Python Patrol H.I.S.S., and F.A.N.G.), released. And has anybody heard about this Hasbro recycling program? I would never have my Joes, or my Transformers, or anything else, recycled. I wonder what that program it’s really about.

    • The Slaughter Marauder’s commercial shows multiple Python Copperheads. Confusing. Yes, he remains an odd choice. I guess he wanted revenge on GI JOE for stealing his boat and repainting it in yellow with black stripes. Even signing up still didn’t get him in the comic book, though!

      Actually second year Python Patrol could’ve included the Python Swamp Fire from Brazil. I’d like to see another pythonized Joe vehicle, too, like the Tomahawk. My picks for figures would’ve been Techno-Viper, Snow Serpent (some guy did a great custom once), EEL, Dr. Mindbender, AVAC and Motor-Viper.

      Hard to believe no official (non fan custom) Python HISS exists. The club and Hasbro have had years to make one. And disappointing that the Python Water Moccasin is just red with no snake pattern.

      Likewise, the lack of other pythonized characters, like Firefly, Baroness and old CC himself. We got Bludd and Croc Master….a sort of unofficial python Mindbender from 2003.

      • James From Miami

        Thank you very much for taking the time to send me that information, I had totally forgotten about that Brazilian Swampfire repaint(which could have been sold in the United States with an A.V.A.C. Python Patrol repaint figure). And even though I have seen that Slaughter’s Marauders commercial so many times before, I just can not remember if I ever noticed seen more than one Copperhead in it. So, thank you very much for that information, also. By the way, don’t forget the unofficial Python Patrol two pack set that had the repaints of the modern Viper, and the Tele-Viper figures that were released in 2004. When I saw that set for the very first time, I knew what they were meant to be for sure, so I didn’t hesitate to buy them. And when I saw that 2003 Dr. Mindbender repaint of the 2002 figure, I also had a feeling at that moment that it was probably meant to be most likely a Python Patrol figure, so, I knew that I had to buy it. So, I did. Even though I do not agree with him been part of that sub-group, because to me the Python Patrol is Cobra Commander’s own personal private army, created to serve him, which are separate from Serpentor, and Dr. Mindbender. As for the Snow Serpent troopers, to me they wouldn’t work, because they are troopers for cold environments, so they do not fit in with the swampy Python Patrol troopers. I also don’t see the Baroness been a member of that group, but, it would have been really cool if the Hasbro folks had done a Python Patrol repaint of at least the 84 hooded Cobra Commander figure for 1990. As for Croc Master, I’m hoping that someone will make an 87 o-ring Python Patrol custom that looks exactly like that 25th Anniversary style version, and sells it with some of that figure’s accessories. Like that cool revolver. Also, I would prefer a Python Patrol Mamba, instead of a Tomahawk/Eaglehawk Python Patrol repaint. But, I also would like to have an army green version of the Tomahawk/Eaglehawk helicopter.

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