Pulverizer Catalog Spread

How can you make the Pulverizer look cool? How about sticking it in a nice diorama environment and publishing it in a seldom seen international catalog? Sounds about right to me. While it doesn’t measure up to the ludicrous brilliance of the Cobra Rat, the vehicle nevertheless piques my interest for its uniqueness.*

And hey–Scoop gets some exposure as well. Win-win!

Pulverizer Catalog Spread

*Your mileage may vary.


  • ”If Scoop isn’t careful, he could get blown right out of his Pulverizer,and be a Cobra prisoner.The Pulverizer’s silver tank hull, can shine in the Artic sunlight, and make itself a sitting target, for a Cobra Python stun/an Iron Grenadier D. E. M. O. N. tank.”

  • Yeah, the Pulverizer was a big part of my childhood. I don’t know why, but that wacky little tank just spoke to me. It’s nice to see it in a cool diorama setting like this.

  • I think BF2K items have gone from geek to chic over the years – time has treated them well in most collectors eyes methinks….

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Let’s not forget that Scoop is a former Crimson Guard.

    • James From Miami

      You know, your comment reminded me that in Operation Dragonfire, Scoop did not get promoted to Python Patrol Crimson Guard. So he continues to wear the 1985 uniform for the remaining of the series. I wonder why.

      • CG’s appear but do Python CG’s appear in Dragonfire? Every other Python Patrol member does, albeit briefly in the case of the officer, trooper and viper.

  • The Pulverizer I had, the extending tube never locked into the tank chassis, so when pulling it up, the tube didn’t extend, had to to that by hand later. Were they all like that?

  • James From Miami

    I see that Scoop is shown in this catalog photo driving what looks like a Pulverizer prototype. While on the cover of the toy’s box, it is Battle Force 2000’s Recoil, oops, I mean Recoil, the one driving it. In the commercial for this, they actually show Dee-Jay driving it. But, so what. What really matters is who is on the cover of the boxes of the Joe, and Cobra vehicles. That is what makes it official. And while the other guys got to be on the covers of their own 1987 vehicles driving them, poor Dee-Jay didn’t even get to shine, at least while driving his own vehicle. Maybe, he should have been sold with it, instead of separately. Just like Rodney Dangerfield, poor Dee-Jay never got any respect. Sometimes I wonder if this was even meant to be a Battle Force 2000 vehicle, since it did not split into two vehicles. A windshield, or a canopy, would have made this tank look better. And the tip of that cannon, doesn’t make any sense. What is it supposed to shoot? A laser? But still, I like this little tank. Now, the Cobra Rat should have been a two seater. That probably would have made it nicer to look at with two figures in it. And maybe it should have been made in black, like the 83 H.I.S.S. tank, or dark Cobra blue, like the 84 Rattler Ground Attack Jet. But anyway, the tabs at the bottom of the vehicle which hold the wheels, can break very easily. Specially now because of old age. So be very careful with those, if you ever have to remove the wheels for whatever reason. Also, I have always wondered if the 1991 G.I. Joe Brawler tank, was perhaps meant to be a Battle Force 2000 tank that was going to be released in 88, or 89. Or 90. And does anybody know if all, or some, of the Battle Force 2000 vehicles, are supposed to be snow vehicles. I have always wondered about that.

    • It’s a rail-gun…an actual future weapon! It should have a better targeting system/control station for such a weapon. But it’s all about making that price point, I guess.

      Dee-Jay’s absence was interesting because they always made sure to show only IG characters on Iron Grenadier boxes, and Dreadnoks and dreadnok vehicles. But a Joe is a joe, since 5 of the original BF2000 boxes had regualr Joe copilots/gunners.

      Those giant missile launchers would seem to preclude the Brawler from being an earlier design, unless it was heavily redesigned, because shooting weapons didn’t appear until 1990, and some of them were tacked-on.

  • If you gave the driver some protection, added some additional small machine guns and completely redid the main cannon, this would be salvagable. Of course, it would also be the Armadillo that was released a generation of kids earlier.

  • I remember wanting to collect all of the Battle Force 2000 vehicles so I could create a “Future Fortress” and being so bummed that they didn’t even snap together or anything. Such a letdown.

  • I always wanted to play in all the background environment landscapes that vehicles and figures in catalogs were pictured.

    I only ever had a used Pulverizer, missing the gun and swiveling carriage, as well as the hydraulic lift side arms. So, the Pulverizer was a little tank with a poppet tube for me….., I think I left it for a relatives garage sale many, many years ago.

    Still, the elevating cannon is no more “out there” than any other elevating armament seen on other vehicles, and in the sense of realism there really wouldn’t be any need for driver protection as this cannon would likely out-range any opponent target from a well covered position.

    I think the chassis would make a neat base for an “armadillo-like” vehicle of many varieties.

    Where do you put the Pulverizer if you use it with the BF2K Future Fortress?

  • This vehicles gun would have at least a twenty mile range, so he is not in danger.

  • The pulveriser [well, part of it] makes a small cameo in Robocop3. Its turret was attached to the bridge layer as one of the Johnny Rehab toys in the ‘in universe’ Johnny Rehab commercial

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